Temporary Staff Induction

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  • This presentation is intended to provide you with key information for a
    successful transition into your work assignment.
  • The presentation will cover your rights and responsibilities under NZ
    health and safety law.
  • The consultant you are working with is your Primary Contact, if you have
    concerns or questions they are the first person you should contact.

We look forward to building a long, healthy relationship with you.

Starting work

Before you commence any assignment You must provide us with your;

  • Bank Account details.
  • IRD number and Tax code.
  • Kiwisaver information.
  • Appropriate identification and a copy of a work visa if required.

We will provide you with;

  • An Individual Employment Agreement(IEA) & Health & Safety Declaration
  • Protective Equipment (PPE) as required.
  • Details of the assignment (location/report to person).
  • A written Job Description for each assignment will be hand delivered or emailed.

Drugs & Alcohol

To maintain safe work place practices you may be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing.

Your consultant will outline individual client requirements which may include, but are not limited to;

  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Post incident testing.
  • Random site tests.
  • Reasonable cause tests

Failure to comply may bring your assignment to an early completion. Please refer to our Drug & Alcohol Policy for more information. This can be requested at any time.

The NZ Health & Safety Law states

  • You must take all practical steps to ensure you stay safe at work.
  • You must wear the protective clothing and equipment that is deemed suitable for each task.
  • You must ensure at all times that no action or inaction leads to your harm or to the harm of anyone else.

Health & Safety

  • Safety in the workplace is nothing new – it does not exclude you or our clients.
  • It is the responsibility of every individual to be actively engaged and toidentify and control workplace hazards.
  • Our primary concern is that you return home safely every day.
  • Don’t make this job the one that loses your finger or crushes your foot.
  • Make all decisions carefully, the wrong decision could negatively impactyour life forever.
  • Be focused and know your limitations and experience.

You are within your rights to refuse any job if you feel unsafe or you think someone could get hurt.

To ensure you keep safe you must:

  • Be licensed and trained to operate any equipment.
  • Wear all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided by Advanced Personnel or the client.
  • Follow all safety procedures that the client has established.
  • STOP anyone elese if you believe a situation is unsafe. Take charge, communicate and look after your co-workers.
  • Ensure you understand what you should be doing as well as the correct procedure to do it./li>

Incident and Accident reporting

  • As your employer Advanced Personnel requires that you report all incidents and accidents.
  • A verbal report is required at the time of the event (text messages are not acceptable).
  • You must provide a written report within 24 hours of the event.

We are not looking to apportion blame – we are looking to prevent the incident

turning into an accident, and the accident being repeated.

  • Your consultant is there to assist you through this process.

Don’t forget to report all forms of body pain or discomfort. Whilst it may initially seem minor, this could deteriorate into something worse several days or weeks after the event (such as muscle strain or infection).

Health & Safety

We understand that being a temporary staff member is not easy. Often you feel of lesser importance than other staff. This is not the case. You have the same rights as everyone else.

Your consultant is there to assist. Communication is key – let us know if you are being;

  • Harassed.
  • Abused.
  • Asked to do things that you are not trained to do.
  • Not getting statutory breaks.
  • Tell us if your job has changed and is different from your original Job Description.
  • Tell us if your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn out or is damaged.
  • Holding a licence or qualification, does not mean that you are competent.
  • It is mandatory for the client to give you a full briefing on the operation of plant.
  • Pre-start checks and other operations (e.g. power take-off shafts) could cause damage if the checks are not done correctly.
  • If you operate plant without the correct licence, you may be held personally liable in the event you cause damage to the plant or any other property.

Always ask for help where needed.
There are NO poor questions. THERE ARE ONLY POOR ASSUMPTIONS.

Your Contract and your Obligations

The Purpose of our relationship

  • Advanced Personnel has entered into an agreement with the client to fulfil their temporary / on-hire staffing needs.
  • Our agreement with you is directly related to the client’s needs.
  • Upon completion of an assignment, Advanced Personnel will do its best toplace you in continued employment.

The duration of your assignment

  • Each assignment will differ – your consultant will explain how long your assignment is expected to last.
  • Because the needs of our clients can change your consultant can only give you an indication of the assignment duration.
  • Your assignment may be completed earlier than expected, or it could be extended. We will give you as much notice as possible if there are changes.
  • If you wish to end an assignment, your contract requires you give us five working days notice. Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in deduction from your final pay.


  • Holiday pay accumulates at 8% of your gross weekly pay.
  • Statutory holidays are paid if the holiday falls on a normal rostered day.
  • You are eligible for sick and bereavement leave after six months continuous service with Advanced Personnel.
  • If you do not provide a tax code, we are legally required to deduct the default rate of 45%.
  • Payslips will be emailed or posted to you.
  • A deduction may be made from your final pay if you fail to return property belonging to either Advanced Personnel or the client (this includes PPE).


  • If you are unable to attend work for any reason, you must inform your Primary Contact consultant.
  • If possible, also report the absence to the client.
  • Three days of absence without notice will be deemed as abandonment ofemployment as per employment law.

Above all a sensible approach and a good work ethic is required.
Unreliable behaviour is unacceptable.


  • Misconduct is any action or inaction that may bring your, our, or the client’s reputation into question – it includes dishonesty, misrepresentation, abuse, misuse, incompetence or a lack of productivity.
  • This includes text messaging. There is to be no use of any electronic devices including mobile phones and tablets outside of planned breaks. These may be prohibited on some sites.
  • The above definitions are subject to serious misconduct, which, if upheld may lead to the assignment being ended.

Dispute Resolution

  • Disputes are not uncommon. It is in everyone’s best interests to achieve swift resolution.
  • Most disputes are simple misunderstandings.
  • Again, communication is key. Your consultant is there to assist.
  • Do not let frustration get the better of you.


  • Our clients invest significant money and resources to develop their business. All onsite workings and operations are the intellectual property of our client.
  • Do not disclose or discuss the events and details surrounding the client’s business or operation.
  • If you feel there is a conflict of interest on any assignment, please discuss this with your consultant.

Connecting the best people with the right businesses

Stay safe and remember that communication is key.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided in theis presentation please, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help.